Religious violence in France in the 1500s came from conflicting interpretations of the bible.

Both sides believed that God was infallible. The writer Montaigne agreed but pointed out that, unlike God, humans were fallible and might misunderstand God’s wishes.

Montaigne thought that, if the rival groups recognised their own fallibility, they would become more tolerant.

Today, it’s been suggested that recognising human fallibility could reduce tension between Christians and Moslems.

But intolerant, aggressive, people aren’t likely to listen to new ideas.

Fallibility won’t work unless it’s accepted -within the context of the religion – ┬ábefore conflict arises.


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  1. Axe99 says:

    Aye, totally – intolerant, aggressive people don’t listen to a whole lot. But if you can get enough people around them such that there aren’t enough intolerant, aggressive people to drive social movements, then it’d be a good thing. I personally find the idea of human infallibility highly entertaining and _extremely_ improbable!

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